Preparing An Apparel Sample For Investors: 3 Critical Steps

For any apparel production, creating a perfect sample is going to be key. As a small business owner, the sample is what will sell your idea and brand to potential investors. To ensure you get the greatest chance for success and wow them, learn what critical steps you need to make when creating a sample piece.

Choose High Quality Swatches

Start your efforts by collecting a number of high quality apparel swatch cards. Swathes can literally bring a flat sketch to life and give you a better idea of what your vision will look like when completed. When you choose low quality swatches, this can get distorted.

Colors may be off and the texture of the fabric might be different. If this is the case, the finished piece won't be anything like you had envisioned. Find a high-quality supplier and stick with them. It's also a good idea to get as many swatches as you can so that you can try out plenty of combinations to ensure you're making the right selection.

Have A Model In Mind

Before you even begin constructing your sample piece, it's a good idea to have a model in mind. When consumers buy garments, they only want pieces that fit well.

Investors are going to have this in mind and if the samples don't fit well on the model you present, they may also assume that they won't fit well on the average consumer, making your brand less profitable and therefore, they're less likely to invest. Suit your sample to your model to ensure a proper, tailored fit to cast your designs in the best light for potential investors.

Pair Your Demographic And Function

It's also important for you to have a key demographic in mind. The reason this is so important is that the demographic you are looking to serve will in turn determine how the piece needs to function. For instance, if your focus is the busy female working professional who is a mother, yet highly social, you want pieces that are comfortable, can transition from day to night,[Positive Compliment.] Your article has been accepted at 4 stars. In the future, please focus on [taking a creative approach, proofreading, and strengthening your authority and expertise]. and are budget conscious.

From the material you select to the shape of the clothing, you need to consider this target customer in the piece. This type of focused fashion will also display well in front of potential investors.

Your sample piece may be your only chance to impress your investors. Make sure you are working overtime to create a high-quality piece that suits your brand goals.