Protecting Office Equipment When Moving To A New Establishment

If you intend on moving your business to a new building in the near future, it will be necessary to do plenty of packing within your building so they are protected while in transit. Office equipment will require a bit of extra tender loving care as many pieces are costly and difficult to replace easily if they become damaged. Here are some tips you can use to help in protecting office equipment from unnecessary harm when pieces need to be moved from one building to another.

Make Sure Liquids Are Drained

It is important to remove liquid substances from any pieces of office equipment you intend to move. This will aid in the protection of other items in a moving truck as liquid damage will not be a risk. Gasoline, water, chemical agents, and oil should be drained from equipment and placed inside containers to be transported separately or recycled as necessary. After you drain a piece of equipment, add a tag to the exterior indicating it is not available for usage so others do not attempt to utilize it when it is not properly lubricated.

Remove Portions Of Equipment

If a piece of equipment has a movable part on the exterior of its body, it is important to remove it and package it separately for the ride to your new building. Pieces that move can easily become broken while in transit if another item happens to scrape against the equipment during the ride. These pieces should be wrapped in thick blankets or pieces of bubble wrap and placed inside containers with secure lids. Place a label next to the missing portion of a piece of equipment indicating which container it is placed inside so you can retrieve it before utilizing the equipment.

Use Cushioning On Sharp Edges

Equipment with sharp protrusions should have ample cushioning placed upon these portions to aid in keeping other items from unnecessary damage. Pieces of thick foam can be secured over these edges to keep them from becoming a hazard to other belongings or people. These pieces of equipment should be positioned in a moving truck or on a flatbed trailer in a way where the sharp pieces are not directed toward other items you are moving. Placing the sharp portion toward the corner of a truck or toward a metal portion of a flatbed will aid in keeping items and people safe. If you suspect that your office equipment has special needs while being moved, talk with the manufacturers.