Third-Party Construction Of An SSIS Package

Sometimes you need to delegate a major project to a third-party company or contractor, and setting up an SSIS custom package is one of those times. Creation of a data integration package is a big job that requires knowledge of all the things that could hang up or crash so you can take steps in the programming to prevent those. But doing the work yourself or having someone else at your company do it can be disruptive because of the time it would take and the potential for forgetting particular features.

Getting the Overall View

A third-party service can step back and see the overall need in the office. The contractor can talk to all departments who would use the package to see what they need and if there are ways to streamline the processes. If you were to attempt creating the package yourself, you might subconsciously put your department's needs above others, for example, or forget to talk to other departments about what they want in the package. A neutral observer, which is what a third-party contractor would essentially be, could also see if there are additional office tasks that could be added to the package.

Letting Work Proceed Smoothly

With a third party working on this, you and your employees can concentrate on your own projects and not this big separate project that would push everything out of the way. Your schedules don't get pushed back, and you don't have to worry about lots of people pulling overtime to do their regular work after working on data migration and integration.

Having Expert Assistance

SSIS is not the hardest data integration package to use, by any means. But if you hire an expert who can work with the latest version, you'll save your office a lot of time. Otherwise, you'd have to send people to training, and deal with stops and starts as people got used to the program. It's simply much faster to have someone who specializes in the program come in and create, and then maintain, the package.

You'll need to sit down with the contractor to discuss everything you'll need in the package, as well as negotiate maintenance services. But this time spent on talk will help make the package creation and implementation phases go a lot faster. The contractor will know exactly what you want, and you'll have a plan that's workable without any odd surprises. To learn more, contact a company like Reach for the Clouds, Inc.