Why You Should Clean Your Fleet’s Filters Rather Than Replace Them

Commercial vehicles, much like passenger vehicles, all have air filters in the engines. Unfortunately, commercial vehicles are on the road much more often and for longer stretches than a passenger vehicle might be. That said, air filters in your commercial fleet vehicles are going to end up dirtier faster than those in passenger vehicles. Before you buy out the nearest auto parts store to get replacement filters, consider buying an air-filter cleaning kit for each filter instead. Here is why you should clean the filters rather than replace them.

Get Double The Mileage Out Of The Filters

Dirty air filters are not that big of a deal to clean. They are not like oil filters, where it would be impossible to clean and reuse them. Air filters have fully visible mesh screen surfaces. If the screens are clean and the frames of the air filters are not bent or damaged, you just clean them and put them back in the vehicles. While parts manufacturers recommend replacing the filters every 50,000 miles or so, the fact remains that you could get double the mileage out of the filters before replacing them just by keeping the filters clean.

Spend Less On Filters, More On Other Necessities

Think about it: What is the cost of a single filter these days? Multiply that times the number of trucks in your fleet, and then by the number of times you replace the filters in a year. It is a lot, is it not? A single filter cleaning kit costs less than a new filter and gives new life to the filters you already have. Imagine what you could do with the money you save on cleaning filters rather than replacing them. You probably have a long list of necessities for your business that you could put that money towards.

Maintain Engine Efficiency

If you do a light cleaning of the air filter every 20,000 miles or so, the filter continues to be as effective as the day it was installed in the truck. Light cleaning of the the filters equals light maintenance work, which your in-house fleet mechanic could do. This simple extra duty keeps the engines in your fleet efficient and running strong, and the whole cleaning process takes only about 15 minutes per filter. Overall, a cleaning kit does a lot for your business, and having a case of kits on hand beats waiting on a delivery of filters.

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