Enhancing Trucking Security Could Lead To Smaller Fleets Drawing In High-Value Cargo

Smaller fleet trucking companies are always looking for new customers. Those interested in shipping high-value cargo could prove to be a lucrative source of income for a smaller trucking company interested in acquiring high-paying clients. The one stumbling point the smaller companies must deal with is providing the proper security for a client shipping costly consumer electronics, precious metals, or other expensive items. Placing massive industrial locks on the truck doors is just not going to be enough to make clients feel at ease. Neither would hiring security-trained drivers. For long haul trucking, expensive cargo may be dealing with a 2,000-mile route. Clients likely want to be "in touch" with their cargo and keeping tabs on its presence. Working with trucking security firms to install valuable protective technology might be what small fleet firms need to boost confidence.

The Expedient Hijacking

Direct contact with truck drivers is always helpful. However, relying on the word of a driver is not always possible since truck hijackers won't exactly allow a captive driver to be forthcoming. A well-planned hijacking could involve merely moving the vehicle only slightly off a planned route and quickly steal the cargo. The truck does not need to be redirected 20 miles to new location. Simply moving the vehicle one mile up a dirt road for 15 minutes could be enough to clean out the cargo.

Routes and Geofencing

Devising the best route greatly adds to safety, but no guarantees exist the truck won't be forced off the route. Through modern advancements in trucking security technology, keeping tabs on the truck's route is possible. Geofencing technology could prove most helpful since this type of program sends alerts when a truck goes off its route and has the ability to shut down the engine if necessary.

Knowing How to Respond

The integration of safety and security technology absolutely is beneficial when transporting high-value cargo. The way fleet communications teams and managers respond to something being amiss is critically important as well. Trucking companies interested in investing in advanced technology also need to be willing to invest in appropriate training for employees and managers. Doing so also adds another valuable marketing component to the trucking company's ability to draw in high-value clients. A mix of expertly trained personnel working with solid technology definitely boosts confidence. The resultant confidence boost could lead to drawing in enough clients to pay for the training and the technology and then some.

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