Learn How To Use A Staffing Agency To Find The Staff You Need For Your Resort During The Busy Summer Months

When you own a beach resort, the busiest time of the year for your business is more than likely the hot summer months. During this time, you may need to hire additional staff to be able to handle the high number of guests that come to your resort. When you need to hire numerous people at one time, it is a good idea to use a staffing agency, like Bishop & Company Inc, to get the workers you need when you need them. The guide below walks you through a few things the staffing agency will need to know in order to find the right people for your resort.

Determine If You Want to Have a Drug-Free Workforce

You first need to determine if you want to have a drug-free workforce on your staff or not. If you are going to have a family-friendly resort, you do not want your employees showing up to work high on drugs or it could give your resort a bad reputation. The staffing agency can ensure that everyone who they send to interview with you has passed a drug test.

Determine If You Want Your Employees to Pass a Background Check

At many resorts, children come to stay from time to time. You need to be sure that the resort is safe for all children and that the staff that works for you can legally be around the little ones. Have the staffing agency conduct a background check on any potential employees to make sure they do not have a criminal record. You want to be sure that no thieves or violent individuals work at your resort either.

Determine What Availability You Need from Your Staff

You need to determine if you need the employees to work on a full-time or a part-time basis. This will allow the agency to let the employees know roughly how many hours a week they will be needed so that they can plan accordingly.

Determine the Budget You Have for the New Employees

You also need to determine how much you can afford to pay the new employees. Let the agency know if there are any incentives for bonuses or if there is an opportunity for advancement within the business. This could motivate people to work harder than they normally would if they knew that there was no chance for them to advance in the future.

Once the staffing agency knows which elements are most important to you when hiring new employees to work at your resort, they can start narrowing down the applicants right away. Once the selection has been narrowed down, you will be able to meet with all of the candidates and determine if you feel that they would be a good fit. This will save you time and money in the long run because you will not have to waste your time interviewing people who are not right for your resort.