Offering A Free Breakfast At Your Hotel? How To Cut Costs

According to USA Today, during the economic downturn in the U.S., many hotels started offering free breakfasts to stay competitive in the hospitality industry and to reward loyal customers. If you're in charge of food and beverages services at a hotel that is just now implementing free breakfasts, here are a few ways you can cut costs with the new décor and menu.

Invest in Linenless Tables for the Dining Room

Linenless tables will substantially cut down costs, since you do not have launder dirty tablecloths after each patron finishes eating. Less laundry means less labor costs and less water-usage costs. If the hotel is trying to go green, these kinds of tables are certainly the way to go. These tables will also cut down on the time it will take to clean, since the laundry staff will not be needed in this area of the hotel; tables can just be sprayed and wiped down.

You may think that linenless tables will not look as nice, however, there are many aircraft-grade aluminum tables that have beautiful swirled patterns carved into them. These kinds of tables can look modern and chic, so they can look just as nice with the hotel décor.

Get Spandex Tablecloths for Nicer Breakfasts

If the hotel still wants the tables to be protected with linens for special events or guests, you may want to look into Spandex linens. Many of these stretchy linens can be bought wholesale, and some are even specifically designed for linenless tables. While they will need to be washed, you can still cut costs in the laundry department since these linens are wrinkle-resistant and do not require ironing.

Consider Offering Continental Breakfasts

It may not be viable right now for your hotel to break out "the works" when it comes to breakfast items. While eggs, French toast, and pancakes can eventually be added to the menu, these items tend to need more cooks, kitchen equipment, and prep time.

Continental breakfasts are much simpler and consist of items like juice, muffins, bagels, and fruit. Since these items just need to be unwrapped and placed in pitchers and baskets, you'll definitely cut down on labor costs. According to Hotel News Now, labor costs in 2012 accounted for 47% of a hotel's operating expenses, so providing self-serve items is a great way to save some money on your menu.

As you can see, as you outfit a new dining area for free breakfast, there are definitely ways to cut costs. Talk with a business, such as Laguna Spandex Linens, that specializes in both linenless tables and spandex tablecloths; you may be able to bundle these décor items and get a better price.