Creating A Custom Engagement Ring For Your Special Someone

The idea of buying an engagement right is downright overwhelming to some people. Finding just the right one is tough and if you really want something special for your partner, consider creating a custom ring that they will cherish for years to come. There are many ways to go about this and whether you have the diamond or are buying one, it is the best way to get a ring that fits your partner's personality and style.

The Diamond

There are two ways to go about getting a custom ring made. The first thing you need to do is find a diamond that you want to use. It could be a diamond that was passed down through your family or it could be a new diamond that you bought from a jeweler or broker You will need to take the diamond with you to the jewel for inspection and to verify the karat and clarity of the diamond.  If you already have the setting, they can look at it to see if it will fit the mount or if you will need a different mount.

Picking a Mount For The Ring

Once you have the diamond picked out, you will need to pick a mount and band for the ring. If you are dealing directly with the jeweler that will make the ring, show them the diamond and see what they recommend. Some diamonds look better in a small mount, while others need a large one to properly support the stone. Remember these are the experts so when they tell you it needs a specific style, take that advice into account. In the end, you will have a nicer ring if you do.

The Final Product

Once you have picked the diamond and the mount, you need to pick out the band that you want for the ring. On an engagement ring, a plain band is most often used as it does not take away from the diamond and mount when people look at the ring. The jeweler will cut and polish the diamond so that it fits the mount perfectly and join the band and the mount. Once he is done, he will have you come in and inspect the ring to make sure you like it. Now is the time to ask if there's anything you have questions about the work. At this point, all that is left is for you to present the ring to the special person. The process was easy until now, right? The custom ring may not be the way everyone wants to go but if you have the resources to do it, you will have a very special ring to present to your partner.

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