How to Create Sweet Candy Box Treats For Someone Who Doesn’t Eat Candy

If you have a special someone who doesn't eat candy, you can still make them a special treat using a candy box. Here are four fun ways you can use candy boxes to make your loved one a special gift.

Create a Mosaic Heart

If you have a leftover heart-shaped candy box, use it to create a mosaic stepping stone for that special someone. Line your heart-shaped candy box with plastic wrap and place decorative stones or gems at the bottom of the box. Fill the box with a small amount of cement and gently bounce the box up and down a few times to remove the air bubbles. Allow the cement to set until hardened and remove from the box. Carefully peel the plastic wrap away from the cement and turn the heart over. The stones will show through the cement to create a decorative stepping stone for the garden or tabletop.

Fill the Candy Box with Healthy Treats

If your loved one enjoys eating healthfully, use a candy box to provide a tasty—yet healthy—treat for them. Instead of filling the candy box with sugary treats, fill it with healthy items instead. Line the candy box with plastic wrap or a ziplock bag, and place items such as fresh fruits and vegetables inside. You can also fill the box with sunflower seeds and other healthy snacks. Place a bow on the box and you're ready to give your loved one a special treat.

Create a Decorative Keepsake Box

If you like the idea of a candy box surprise, but your loved one doesn't eat candy, turn the box into a decorative keepsake box. Decorate the outside of the box with personalized embellishments, such as stickers commemorating the day you met, or their favorite activity. Be sure to use their favorite colors while you're decorating the box. Place a special gift inside the box to begin the collection.

Make a Succulent Basket

If your loved one enjoys plants, make a faux basket for fresh succulents. You'll just need a few items to create your basket.

  • Candy box
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cactus soil
  • Succulents

The first thing you want to do is wrap the twine around your box. Use the hot glue gun to secure the twine. Next place the cactus soil inside the candy box. Finally, make small holes in the soil and place your succulents inside. Pat the soil down around the succulents. Since succulents only need a small amount of moisture, you won't have to worry about the box getting too wet. Your loved one will simply need to spray their succulents with a small amount of water every couple of days.

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