Draw People Into Your Cash Loan Store With These Tips

If you own a cash loan business, it is important to draw new customers in. Drawing in new customers helps you to grow your client base, thus increasing the reach of your business. One of the ways that you can increase business is to catch the attention of and possibly draw in people who are simply passing by into your store. Here are a few of the different ways you may catch the eye of those passing by and entice them to come inside. 

Position a Person in a Costumed On the Corner With a Sign

Odds are, you've spotted someone on a corner waving or spinning a sign that is advertising a business. In some cases, the people holding the sign are wearing a custom or dressed up as some type of character. Right now, you're probably think back and you can recall exactly what you saw. This is because seeing someone standing on a corner in a custom is not something you see everyday. As such, it catches your attention and your remember. This is the type of attention you want where you are trying to draw new customers into your business. Create a character or mascot for your business and then put an employee on the corner with a sign letting people know about your business. 

Put Flyers on Cars in Nearby Parking Lots

Another way that you can draw people into your cash loan store is to put flyers on cars in nearby parking lots. Those who are parked in nearby parking lots clearly live in, work in or visit the area often. They may have overlooked your business in the past, but now your name will be directly in their hands as they remove the flyer from their windshield. This can help to make a lasting impression on potential customers. 

Place a Cash Loans Feather Flag Outside Your Store

The last way that you can draw people into your cash loan store is to place a feather flag outside of your store. A feather flag is a large vertical flag that can be designed to display your company name and/or logo. The flag comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to select a color that will be noticeable to those passing by. A feather flag is perfect for those who don't have the staff, or don't want to pay their staff, to stand on a corner or put flyers on nearby parking lots. 

In order to catch the attention of those passing by, you need to do something bold. Positioning a costumed person on the corner with a sign, utilizing cash loan feather flags outside of your store and/or putting flyers on cars that are parked in nearby parking lots may be exactly what you need in order to draw new customers into your cash loan location.