2 Reasons To Try Emotional Freedom Techniques Or EFT To Help With Your Weight Loss

Emotional Freedom Techniques, more often discussed as EFT, is a healing technique that is based on the idea that underlying most physical conditions are unresolved emotional issues as well. EFT has become popular in the weight loss community because it combines the idea of emotional well-being into the weight loss journey. EFT is also connected to the movement of practicing vibrational alignment. 

Two of the driving reasons that people turn to EFT is because it can help with getting rid of cravings in the immediate present, and it can help one overcome emotional eating as well, two big barriers that often hold people back in their weight loss journeys.

Fight Against Immediate Cravings

One of the hardest parts of dieting is staying away from foods that you have a hard time resisting, but that don't work with your diet or with your plan for healthy eating. One of the elements that EFT is really good at is helping to reduce cravings, which can really kill your diet. With EFT, you are able to reduce your craving without giving into it, which can really help you keep up with your weight loss over the long term.

To help you fight your immediate cravings, EFT using a technique called tapping, which is often compared to acupuncture. This technique requires you to focus on the actual craving that you are feeling, while touching meridian points on your face, or "tapping". This process of thinking while doing physically relaxing movements can allow you to get past the craving. This can allow you to connect with what your body really needs, instead of just giving into cravings that can derail your health.

Fight Against Emotional Overeating

For many individuals, eating is not just about giving one's body the nutrients that it needs. It is also about connecting to emotions or pushing emotions away. Emotional overeating is not addressed with most weight loss programs.

EFT is specifically designed to address the aspects of emotional stress on dieting and health. The treatment program focuses on having you identify the emotional connection you have to food, learning how to let go of that food-related emotional stress through a non-food outlet, and how to make overall lifestyle changes that will benefit you in the long-term.

If you are looking for a different approach to weight loss, EFT may be the right approach for you to try. This technique focuses on the why behind overeating and gives you tools to stick to a healthier lifestyle. Look for books on practicing vibrational alignment for more information.