3 Tips For Designing A Plaque For A Business Award

If your company has a particular award that they give out to an employee each year, you want to make sure you make the award a real honor to get. In order to make it a real honor, you need to make the award feel important. One way to make the award feel important is by creating a plaque to go with that honor. A plaque is a great way to add additional importance to the award.

Figure Out the Right Size

First, you need to figure out what size you want the plaque to be. As a general rule, it is a good idea to make the plaque large enough so that if it is hanging on the wall, it will be easy to read.

For example, a plaque that is 8x10 inches will be ease to read on the wall. You could also go a little smaller, such as a 5x7, as well, and keep the plaque at a readable size. Any smaller than that and the importance of the award may be lost.

Use High-Quality Materials

Second, when you are giving someone an award in the workplace, you want to use high-quality materials. This is not the time for a plastic or cheap -ooking award.

For a professional award, you are going to want to design a plaque on a wood backing, with perhaps a metal face where the information is engraved. When looking at the materials available to you for designing the plaque, think about how those materials would look hanging up in an office in your building.

You want to choose materials that match the feeling of your business. You also want to choose materials that demonstrate that this is an important award to be won.

Carefully Plan the Engraving

Third, you need to carefully plan what you want to engrave on the plaque. You are going to want to include basic information, such as the name of the award and the recipient of the award, to start with.

To make the award look more professional, you may also want to include your business's logo or the logo of the business association that is awarding the plaque. You may also want to include a description of the award, as well as the year or date that the award was issued. You want the information included on the plaque to convey the importance and significance of the award.

Get the Name Right

With a plaque, you are going to want to have the winner's name engraved on the plaque. Be sure to double- and triple-check the spelling on the plaque. No one wants to get an award with the wrong name on it.

When it comes to designing a plaque for a business award, use a larger-sized plaque that will be easy to read when it is hanging up on the wall of someone's office. Use high-quality materials and include enough information on the plaque so that when someone reads or looks at it, they can understand why the award is important. A plaque and trophy company can help you create a professional design.