Use Personalization Techniques For Your Face Coverings

You may be required to wear a face covering while at work, and this could lead to you feeling as if your personality or messages won't be conveyed in quite the same manner as they were before the pandemic began. While wearing a face shield, your entire face will be in view, plus you can use some personalization techniques that will keep your individuality intact without hindering your protection.

Add A Banner

Your shield will be larger than your face and will cover the entire front of your head. Most shields are designed to cover the hairline, hair, and chin areas, which means that there will be some extra space on your covering that can be used for decorative purposes.

Purchase some vinyl sticker banners that contain slogans or pictures that are representative of your personality or your interests. For instance, if you like a particular rock band, buy some banners that showcase the group. Vinyl stickers are waterproof, and they won't compromise the quality of your face shield. Additionally, you can change your message often by switching out one banner for an alternate one. Secure a banner to the top part of your shield.

Choose banners that are non-threatening in design and that won't distract your co-workers. If you are not certain that you will be able to add a particular style to your shield, request permission from your employer before making any alterations.

Choose A Double Duty Setup

A face shield will block droplets, but you may be inclined to add an extra layer of protection to your covering. If wearing a mask by itself isn't appealing to you and you want to have a double layer of protection, there are other ways to attain the amount of coverage that you desire. Purchase a clear facial mask, which contains a thin border of fabric that surrounds a clear panel.

Place your face shield over the mask. Your mouth will be visible while wearing the dual setup, and you will be provided with an extra layer of protection. If you deal with customers and co-workers on a daily basis and are required to interact with them, you can confidently do so.

With a clear face shield, people will be able to see your facial expressions, because your mouth will be visible. After each shift, clean your reusable face shield and mask. Your shield will require a cleaning agent and a soft cloth, and the cloth mask needs to be laundered in a washing machine.