Why It’s Worth Having A Dash Cam On Your Vehicle

Have you been considering getting a dash cam for a while, but not sure if it is worth the money? If so, it will help to know the following reasons why it is worth having one. 

Moving Accident Documentation

One of the main reasons you are going to want a dash cam is to document any accident that happens while you're driving the vehicle. A dash cam can be what ends up proving that you are not responsible for causing an accident, since you'll have the other vehicle on camera that you can use as your evidence. This can be very helpful when someone brake checks you and causes an accident, which is illegal to do, but often difficult to prove when it is your word against the other driver's word. 

Parking Accident Documentation

How many times have you come out to find that someone hit your car while it was in a parking lot, and they didn't leave a note with their contact information? A dash cam can catch that person hitting your car in the act, and you'll hopefully be able to get the license plate number from their vehicle to prove it. You can then take your recording to the police to file a police report, and start the process of filing a claim with the insurance company that insures the vehicle. 

Insurance Fraud Documentation

Another type of accident that is hard to prove you didn't cause is when another person tries to commit insurance fraud. They may do this by jumping in front of your vehicle unexpectedly with the intention to get hit and make an insurance claim against you. If you have the person captured on video with their suspicious behavior, it can help save you from having to pay out an insurance claim that should not be paid. 

Capture Notable Moments

A dash cam is a constantly recording camera in your vehicle that is on at all times. This means that you don't have to think about recording, since it does so automatically. This can help you capture notable moments on your dash cam that you want to watch later. For example, you may have witnessed an accident or a near miss on the road, and want to go back and analyze what happened later. You may also have noticed something happen when you are not around, such as a tree falling in front of your vehicle, want to go back and look at the footage to see how it happened. 

For more information about dash cam systems for trucks, contact a local installation service.