How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck When Recycling Aluminum Scrap

Aluminum is a great metal to recycle because it is so common, infinitely reusable and gives a fairly decent return price when you consider how easy it is to find. If you have a bit of aluminum scrap laying around that you want to turn into a bit of cash for your wallet then there are a few things that you can do that will make your junk worth a bit more. While it does take a little bit of elbow grease and determination, these things can jump your purchase price up fairly considerably so they are worth it if you have a bit of time up your sleeve.

Junk Car Parts

If you are thinking of recycling some old parts of a junk car because they are thick and heavy and therefore worth the most, then you are on the right track but you do need to think about a few things first. Before you take these parts to a junk car buyer or a scrap yard you need to make sure they are fully cleaned and that there is no motor oil or other strong chemicals still residing in them. Drain them fully and perhaps leave them to dry for a day in the sun and then take them in to be valued.

Remove Everything Else

If the aluminum that you want to take in to be recycled is part of a larger construction, or at least has other elements attached to it, then you should try to take as many of them off as possible. From washers, screws, nuts, and bolts to plastic coverings and so on, if your aluminum has any type of additives on it that are not aluminum then you need to divide them up into different parts and make sure that they can be easily identified at the scrap yard or you may get a lower price because of the effort it will take them to do this.

Different Types Of Aluminum Earn Different Prices

Aluminum is not one large monolith, it comes in a variety of different grades and forms. The stronger the grade (such as those used in construction materials) the better the price.Try to organize all your aluminum into similar piles when you present them to be recycled, as the more valuable grades will be rounded down if they are lumped in with the scrap that is quite thin and processed. If you are looking for aluminum scrap, be sure to contact some scrapyards in your local area.