Andre Price

Copper Recycling — Useful Strategies To Remember

If you plan to collect copper scrap and then recycle it for money, you need to have a strategy. Here are some protocols that can save you time and maximize your profits.  Invest in a Portable Storage Tote When you find copper scrap out in the real world, you'll need a place to put it while you look for more. A portable storage tote would be great for this purpose. It gives you a secure place to put copper scrap, and because it has wheels on the bottom, transporting this tote around isn't very difficult. Read More 

Having Custom Alterations Done To Your Garments

There are many instances where individuals may find that they need to have their clothing altered to ensure that it will properly fit. Luckily, there are professional services that can provide you with custom alterations for your garments. Taking Your Measurements A key step in the process of having clothing altered will be to have accurate measurements taken. These measurements will inform the tailor as to the types of changes that they will need to make to the garment. Read More 

4 Top Benefits Of Foam Insulation For Your Commercial Roofing

You can use spray foam for new or existing commercial roofing that needs repairs. The insulation protects against harsh weather elements and increases your roof's life span. Here are four other ways foam insulation benefits your commercial roofing. 1. Easy Installation During commercial roofing foam insulation, your roofers use a spray foam installation. The foam also easily expands to conform to irregular shapes and small spaces. So your roofers don't strain to install flashing around surfaces like vents, skylights, and pipes. Read More 

What Alarm Systems Should You Offer Your Business Customers?

If you recently decided to sell security alarm systems to businesses in your area, you may need to find the right type of system for them. Business alarm systems are vastly different from the security alarm systems residential homeowners use today. Businesses require systems that not only protect their buildings, but the systems should also keep companies' assets and intellectual properties safe. Below are some types of alarm systems you can offer your business customers today. Read More 

Use Trash Removal Services To Clean Out Your Garage

If your garage is full of junk, it's time to clean it out. You've got plenty of bulky items and maybe some boxes full of items you no longer want to hold onto. But instead of hauling everything to the dump yourself, why not hire a trash removal service? A trash removal service can help you haul away those items you don't want to keep anymore. You can leave the heavy lifting to a professional so you only have to worry about organizing your garage. Read More