4 Top Benefits Of Foam Insulation For Your Commercial Roofing

You can use spray foam for new or existing commercial roofing that needs repairs. The insulation protects against harsh weather elements and increases your roof's life span. Here are four other ways foam insulation benefits your commercial roofing.

1. Easy Installation

During commercial roofing foam insulation, your roofers use a spray foam installation. The foam also easily expands to conform to irregular shapes and small spaces. So your roofers don't strain to install flashing around surfaces like vents, skylights, and pipes.

Further, foam insulation forms a seamless membrane that blocks all roof portions. As a result, the process eliminates the extra need for joints and fastenings. In addition, the simplicity of the installation shortens the time needed for the project. So, you enjoy little labor and affordable costs with the lower efforts required.

2. Leak Prevention

First, spray foam forms a watertight seal that keeps rainwater out. Second, the material is seamless and thus doesn't get cracks that let water in. Third, the insulation ensures moisture doesn't reach your commercial roofing by preventing condensation.

Spray foam commercial roofing also provides improved drainage to prevent leaks. Besides, your roofers can apply the material in various thicknesses. So, your roofers can create channels that direct rainwater off your commercial roofing.

3. Cost Savings

Spray foam provides a protective layer that prevents damage to your commercial roofing. As a result, you save money you would otherwise spend on repairs. The foam could also reduce the need for commercial roofing replacement. For instance, your roofers can block damaged patches to enhance structural integrity. The eliminated need for replacement also removes waste disposal fees.

More cost savings are evident in the energy efficiency that foam sprays offer. The insulation seals air leaks to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. As a result, the strain on your HVAC declines. You can gain up to 50% of energy savings with spray foam insulation for your commercial roofing.

4. Noise and Critters Control

Spray foam insulation is a sound wave barrier that absorbs sounds. The insulation ensures noise doesn't reverberate into your commercial roofing system. In addition, noise protection prevents annoyance and distractions to your tenants or employees. 

Spray foam insulation also seals spaces to prevent the entrance of tiny creatures. Upon installation, spray foam insulation hardens and forms an airtight barrier. As a result, you prevent the disturbance and structural destruction that bugs can bring.

As discussed above, foam spray is ideal for your commercial roofing insulation. You get a long-term service period and a significant return on investment during the roof's life span. Moreover, spray foam insulation isn't limited to specific architectural types of commercial roofing. Therefore, contact a spray foam insulation service to learn more.